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2011 Back to School Celebrity Kids Gift Bag

A Back to School Celebrity Kids Gift Bag will be auctioned to benefit the Care to Learn Fund. Care To Learn provides immediate funding and action to meet any emergent health - hunger - hygiene issue a child might have; addressing a physical need, restoring respect, and getting
that child back in the classroom.

Sugar & Spice™ Lanette lighted sparkle mary-jane sneakers for girls; Vroomz™ lighted racecar sneaker for boys

Sugar & Spice™ backpack and lunch tote for girls; Vroomz™ backpack and lunch tote for boys

Sugar & Spice™ 2/pack Polka Dot tights for girls; Glitzy Pet socks, Vroomz™ 6/pack racecar socks for boys

The Piggyback Rider® was developed to take advantage of the natural instinct to carry a child on your back. The solid aluminum bar allows the child to stand up, which positions the center of mass over your hips.

Kid-friendly designs that coordinate in a wide array of products for school, home and more!  Owl raincoat and boots for girls, Robot raincoat and boots for boys,

Girls: "Peetie Love" girls headband, hand wrapped with Leopard Print double satin ribbon, a large leather heart and a puff of Ostrich Feathers to add texture. "Flower" Leather Girls Snap Bracelet with a Swarovski Crystal rivet in the middle. Boys: 2" leather cuff is designed with Grey/Black/White Plaid with a red stripe and finished with two Black Metal snaps.

Glammic ShirtCapes are a colorful, comfortable one piece that can be worn every day. Now customizable! 92% cotton, 8% spandex, Machine wash and dry. Made in San Francisco, USA.

An old-school track suit just for the little ones. The adidas adi Firebird Track Suit sports all the style of a grown-up version and the easy-on elastic waistband and soft fabric make it a comfortable everyday choice, Purple for Girls, Black for Boys,

Mabel’s Labels LOL Ultimate Back-to-School Combo! With Skinny Mini’s, Tag Mates, Shoe Labels & Bag Tags there is a label for all your school supplies & gear!,

A Story Before Bed lets parents, grandparents, and anyone with a special child in their lives record audio and video of themselves reading a children’s book into their webcam right in their web browser. Children can watch these recordings anytime they like.

Grubbie Style brings totally customizable t-shirts just for boys! By partnering up with American Apparel, the custom T's are super soft and last through jumping in puddles, digging for worms, riding bikes too fast and climbing anything just to jump off! So what are you waiting for? Get Grubbie!

Jusami shirts are designed with love in Brooklyn, inspired by family doodle sessions, printed in the United States and crafted of 100% cotton in super-soft, smooth or soft baby-rib.


Cooler Bags. Use it as a bottle bag for baby, pack your child's drinks and snacks in it, or leave the kids at home and take your lunch with you wherever you go. These versatile bags can be snapped onto stroller handlebars or worn in either messenger or backpack style.

The Hold-On Handles stroller accessory & walking rope teaches kids to stay within arm’s reach at airports, parks and busy streets.

Designed for children ages 2-10, Myself Belts’ one-handed closure allows children to master the challenging task of fastening and unfastening a belt on their own – easing frustrations while promoting independence and boosting self-esteem. Over 25 designs including rainbows, rock stars and more,

Thermos FUNtainer bottles and food jars are the most dependable way to keep your child’s food and beverages colder and fresher, longer. BPA free and easy to clean.

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