Celebrity Thank Yous: Andrew Wolf, Anna Chlumsky, Brooke Burke, Niki Taylor, Andrea Roth, Gary Busey, Jimmie Johnson and Anna Silk

Hi Julie!

What a treat to come home the other day and find your amazing box of birthday goodies for Jack! The presents were all wonderful – I adore the preppy top siders and Jack will be wearing the Sauconys all summer at sports camp no doubt! And Skip Hop is so clever ~ they are making the coolest products for kids! Those squeeze botle are genius. My little guy, Tucker stole the straw from Jack for himself. But Jack will definitely be starting kindergarten in September with his adorable new knapsack.

So sweet of you to think of Jack again this year!

Lots of Love, Thea [Andrew Wolf]

We are amazed at your continued generosity! Luke loves hies shoes so much!

Thank you

Love The Busey’s [Gary Busey]


Shaya loved his 5th b-day bag! Thank you. We use Mabel’s Labels for everything/ he will be so cute in the Stephen Joseph digs.

Thank you so much for supporting Operation Smile.

XOXO Warmly,
Brooke Burke

Julie ~

We were so thrilled to see another Jewels and Pinstripes box this year! Ciel loves all her goodies! You’re the best Julie!

Ciel and Niki Taylor

Thank you so much for Ava’s Birthday Bag! She loved it! She wears her Skip Hop backpack everywhere and the hat is adorable.

Love My Funkins reusable napkins!

Thanks for thinking of us.

Andrea Roth and Ava Biermann

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for your collection of Baby goodies! The Lil’ Lady is sure to enjoy.

So happy to hear of your “Operation Shower” program. As a veteran’s wife, I know how much those families will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Can’t wait to put these items to good use!

All my best,

Anna Chlumsky

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much the gift box of baby goodies! What a fun package to open. You are so kind to think of our growing family. I love the Novena products.

Chandra Johnson [Jimmie Johnson]


Thank you so much for the gift bag you sent for our little boy! The items included are fantastic and we can’t wait to use them. “Operation Shower” is a great cause ~ thank you for your generosity.

With Love,
Anna [Silk] & Seth xo

Celebrity Thank Yous: Bryan Adams, Kara DioGuardi, Marla (Sokoloff) Puro and Jenna Wolfe

HI there,

I just got the fabulous gift basket you sent me…Thank you so much for thinking of me. I will definitely donate items to the charity you sent me info on.


Kara [DioGuardi]


Thank you so much for Elliotte’s incredible birthday present!! …we are just delighted by all of the goodies we received.
Proper thank you to follow, we just wanted to get a head start on thanking you since we are already three months behind schedule!…

Marla [Puro] & Elliotte

Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for the baby gift… so sweet! Steph and I oo’d and ah’d when it arrived.
Much much appreciated.

Jenna [Wolfe]

Dear Julie

Thank you so very much for the wonderful baby bag that you so kindly sent to baby Lula. We love all the things in it and are so grateful. I can’t wait to use everything. Lula is now 3 months old and doing really well
With huge thanks again and best wishes

Alicia [Bryan Adams]

Celebrity Thank Yous: Lisa Ling, Jonny Lee Miller, Scott Wolf and many more!

Jewels and Pinstripes,

Thank you so much for all the goodies! I know my baby will love them!

Appreciatively yours,
Lisa Ling


Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful “Birthday Bag”. Buster loves his star wars shoes & zoo backpack! The T-shirts are really cute & labels always come in handy!

Michele & Jonny [Miller]


Thank you so much for all of Leo’s goodies. We are so excited to use the Patchwork Bear to preserve the baby clothes he’s grown out of – great idea! Everything is being put to good use. Thanks again!

Love, Courtney, Brandon [Routh] and Leo James


Thank you Jewels and Pinstripes for all the cool goodies for our baby! he is already enjoying his new stride rite shoes and dinosaur backpack today. We will use it all & appreciate your commitment to give back (Operation Smile).

Love, Jennifer and Josh Turner


Thank you so much for the wonderful 2 year old birthday box! We loved everything included. As always, the stride rite shoes are a big hit & much appreciated. And the Mabel’s Labels are so fun! Thank you again, & also for the matching donated gift box.

Sincerely, Kate and Zac Hanson & Junia


Thank you so much for all of the precious things you sent my Madeline. We always support your vendors when I shop online. Your services are greatly appreciated!

Allison DeMarcus [Jay DeMarcus]


Thank You !!!!

You have done it again! Blown us away with great gifts and amazing generosity. It was so fun to open the box and see all the great “Miller” gear.

We are planning to get a drive together for Baby Buggy. Thanks for the info.


The Wolf’s, Scott [Wolf], Kelley, Jack and Miller


Dear Julie!!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful baby gifts!! I was thrilled to receive your special box yesterday. We so appreciate you thinking of us and baby Joshua! xo You are so thoughtful!
I adore the little Stride Rite shoes! And can’t wait to see him in them!
And I LOVE the necklace from Isabelle Grace! How sweet! xo To have my “A” (Abby) and “J” (Joshua) close to my heart at all times! I adore it!
The onesie from Life is Good is adorable!! He’s a big boy – so he will be in that soon, I think!
And I know I will get great use out of the Baby Butz Cream, BooginHead products and Mabel’s Labels!
And that a great idea the Patchwork Bear! I can’t wait to send in some of Joshua’s clothes when he outgrows them – which is happening so fast!
And those thank you cards from Tiny Prints are super cute!! xo We LOVE everything and so appreciate your kindness!

And thank you for including information on your charity, Baby Buggy. I love learning about new charities! xo

Love ~
xo Christie Lynn Smith, John, Abby and Baby Joshua :)


dear julie,

thank you so much for the wonderful box of goodies for our future baby. i cannot wait to dress up our little one in the cute onesies and rockin’ shoes. future stlista for sure :)

so grateful.

shiri appleby



Celebrity Thank Yous: John Henson, Marla Sokoloff, James Van Der Beek, Karolina Kurkova and more!

Hi ~


Thank you so much for the beautiful gift bag you sent for our daughter Mia.  the items in the bag were top quality and we truly enjoyed everything.  Wishing you all the best.


XO~ Erin and Ian Ziering




Julie ~


Thank you so much for the sweet bag of goodies for Finn’s 1st birthday!  The cookie monster shoes were my favorite – can’t wait for his little feet to grow a bit more!!  Adorable!


~ Autumn [Reeser]




Thank you so much for remembering Jackson’s Birthday.  We love all the gifts, especially the shoes.



Jill and John Henson




Dear Julie, 


Thank you for all of the beautiful and useful gifts for our daughter, Lilah Rose.


We would love learn more about your charities and reciprocate the kindness and generosity.


Love , 

Linda Cartellini and Lilah Rose




We cannot thank you enough for all of our lovely gift boxes for all of our kids (Jagger, Lauren and now Kaya). Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


Lindsay Davenport




Dear Julie, 

Thank you so much for the amazing baby bag for Micah.  We particularly love the wubbanub pacies and the snooze shade!  We use them all the time. :)


All the best, 

Sarah [Drew] (& Micah)




Jewels and Pinstripes –

Thank you so much for the incredible baby bag! Elliotte feels so lucky that all of these fabulous products were gifted to her! Her very favorite, is this adorable stationery!

Many Many Thanks, 
Marla [Sokoloff]
, Alec, & Elliotte




Dear Julie, 


Thank you for thinking of us and sending all the wonderful goodies for our baby.  I am so touched that you took the time to send a “Bump Bag” to us, and I commend you for the great work being done for our troops families through Operation Shower.  All of the goodies will be put to good use.  We appreciate it.  Many Thanks!


All the Best!


Amanda Righetti






Thank you so much remembering Gia’s 2nd B-day! We will certainly use it all!  You’re so generous!


Love, Mario [Lopez], Courtney, and Gia






We just received Ella’s amazing gift.  What a beautiful surprise!  everything is just perfect ~ you have made a 3 year old girl very happy….Thank you!!!!!


Alice Evans, Ioan Gruffudd, and Ella




Dearest Julie ~


Thank you once again for the lovely goodies!  We love your packages.



The Van Der Beek’s




Dear Julie-


The gift bags for the Adrian and Ariana were simply wonderful.  Thank you for them.  They are definetley getting put to use right away!  



Tony & Lina Dovolani




It’s one of the highlights of Blaise’s Birthday.  Opening the front door to see a big box all for him!  We can’t thank you enough for always remembering us.


Love, Amanda Beard





Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you have sent my children over the years!  I truly appreciate you taking the time to put together custom gift boxes for Sydney & CJ!



Laila Ali




Dear Julie,

We want to thank you for all the gifts uve send to Tobin since he was born. It’s very thoughtful and generous of you.

Tobin+Archie+KK [Karolina Kurkova]

Celebrity Thank Yous: Adrian Young, Tia Mowry, Bryan Adams, Ali Landry, Joey Lawrence and more!

Thank you so much for the surprise box filled with goodies yesterday!
We can’t believe Magnolia is already 1! It seems like yesterday that
we were learning about diapers all over again. We have a 10 year old
son, Mason, so having them so far apart has kept things exciting
around here.  Not that we need much more excitement. You may or may
not have heard that No Doubt is about to release their next record.
(the first single comes out on the 16th)  Needless to say, we’ve been
quite busy and getting ready to tour the world with 2 kids shall prove

Thank you again, Julie, and we look forward to meeting you one day soon!
Nina & Adrian Young




Thanks so much!


You guys have been so kind to my family!  I did a twitter mention.  :)  We are loving the goodies!  



Tia Mowry & Cree



Dear Julie,

Thank you for the lovely package of goodies/birthday bag for our daughter Bunny. We just wanted to say we were delighted with your generosity!

Many thanks

Bryan Adams
ps: she was born Mirabella Bunny, but we just call her Bunny






Thank you so much for the adorable Ladybug Themed box of goodies.  We LOVE them and will put all of the products to good use.


Thank you, Thank You


Love Ali [Landry] and Estella




Thank you so much for the Birthday goodie bag for Genevieve’s 2nd birthday.  We were blown away by all the great things.

Jimmie Johnson




Dear Julie,

Thank you again for remembering our sweet Liberty on her birthday! It’s crazy how quick 2 years have flown by! Our oldest daughter Charleston is 6 and starting first grade next week. I know Liberty is right behind her! :-( they just grow so darn fast!

As always, your packages are so exciting to receive. The products are amazing and we use every single thing until is falls apart! Lol!

Please take care and thank you again for thinking of us!

Chandie and Joey Lawrence