Julie Kenney is a mom of two boys, Blake, 13, and Landon, 10. After succeeding in the corporate world, Julie longed for something more fulfilling. Julie was inspired to combine her love of creating fabulous gift bags plus her heart for charity into her own celebrity gifting company, Jewels and Pinstripes.

Julie Kenney, Founder and President, Jewels and Pinstripes

When Julie was a little girl, her mom once said that the best way to be happy is to find a job doing something you love. When the corporate world of desks and memos left Julie less than eager to get up each morning, she heeded Mom’s words and went to work for a gift bag company.

There, Julie spent everyday hunting for extravagantly fabulous gifts, wrapping them in marvelous, amazing packages and sending them off to the most sensational, swanky events imaginable. It was lots of fun, but something was missing.

Then, Julie discovered the Carousel of Hope, the bi-annual event that is hosted by Barbara Davis to raise funds for juvenile diabetes and possibly one of the largest charitable events in the world. Suddenly, all of the pieces that made her job so fun came together with a fabulous purpose; gifts, glamour and glitz focused on giving to a bigger cause. The possibilities were stunning, and Julie’s job became her passion.

We work with a lot of people and Julie is one of our favorite people to work with and her personality is wonderful. I truly believe that our success comes from people like Julie that have believed in our product and helped us.
—Jennifer Chang, Owner, Kookoon

Today, Julie follows her heart, explores her talents and does what she loves in the company she has founded, Jewels and Pinstripes. Work has become an adventure, and helping others has added a new dimension of value to her talents. This she feels, is the greatest gift of all.

Julie is married and the mother of two boys, Blake, 12 and Landon, 9. Julie lives in Pleasanton, California and is happy to report that her company that once started from nothing has grown into a fabulous success with clients from all over the world.  Celebrities and clients continue to be impressed by Jewels and Pinstripes, and Julie plans to maintain a fun and thriving company for many years to come.
Above photos by Joy Harmon Prouty of Wildflowers Photography

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