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Summer Sampler Celebrity Tween Gift Bag Details

Our Summer Sampler Celebrity Tween Gift Bags are sent right before school ends. The gift bag is filled with products that promote fun and aid in travel for our jet setting recipients. All products must be approved.

Summer Sampler Celebrity Tween Gift Bags are a one-time gifting with products due in April/May depending on when school ends. Submissions are open year round. 

All of our gift bags have category exclusivity and participants can gift siblings at no additional charge.

Once you have joined our Summer Sampler Celebrity Tween Gift Bag Program, you will receive a list of all celebrity recipients.

With 10 years experience in celebrity gifting, we have developed respectful relationships with our celebrity recipients. We consistently receive celebrity tweets and thank you notes for our personalized gift bag creations. We search daily and update our clients as soon as we spot a product sighting, receive a celebrity thank you and/or receive outside media opportunities that may be of interest to our clients. Our blog is updated frequently as well as our Jewels and Pinstripes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ accounts.

We have a passion for helping you choose the right product and program that will fit your budget and garner the greatest results. Over 80% of our clients continue to work with us on an ongoing basis and we are always striving to improve that percentage.

If you have additional questions about our Summer Sampler Celebrity Tween Gift Bag program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Pricing and availability can be viewed by sending us an e-mail using the following form.